Securus Technologies; Conclusive Customer Reviews That Highlight Securus’ Success In The Correctional Industry

Securus Technology is an acclaimed provider of various advanced systems and technology to the corrections facilities all over the country. Recently, the firm went ahead to disclose feedback that it got from the clients on a public platform. The comments basically highlighted the experience that their customers had when using the technology to resolve and avert delinquent cases in the correctional facilities.


Since its inception, Securus has been on the forefront of providing technological solutions for inmate supervision, corrections, communication public safety, and investigation as well. The company conducts its operations from their flagship office in Dallas and currently serves more than 3000 correctional facilities and up to one million inmates all over the country.


The primary goal of Securus Technologies is to lead with high standards through the improvement of customer service. The CEO Rick Smith believes that proper customer care channels help to enhance the actualization of the BBB standards. It is currently equipped with more than 220 customer service representatives running on a full-time basis through the year.


Rick Smith reported that once every week, they receive customer contributions that assist them to obviate crime in these inmate facilities. Customers provide responses on the impact that these technological advancements have on the communication between inmates and their families.


A Selection of Customer Feedback


In one instance, a client reported how they were able to intercept a call between a mother and two inmates. One of the inmates was coaching the other on how to answer the questions pertaining to a shooting incident. This was termed as a valuable resource to the prosecution and would contribute to helping the judge to make a conclusive verdict. All the information that has been tracked to the calls has been proven to be relevant. In one case, a corrupt suspect was able to be tracked down using the information from Securus Technologies. An arrest warrant was issued and the suspect was detained and charged with the distribution of contraband.


Clients accepted the relevance of the LBS software. The software was able to collaborate with various law enforcement agencies to unearth large amounts of illegal assets including drug money. Customers reiterated the importance of Securus in the inmate facilities and the community as well. The company is committed to revamping the corrections system and improve security standards all over the country. With all these positive reviews from the clients, I am inclined to recommend their services.


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