Susan McGalla Providing Her Two Cents to Women on How To Make It Big in the Corporate Sector

Finding success in the corporate world is not easy, especially if you are a woman. Susan McGalla, Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, has been able to achieve considerable success in the corporate world as a woman. It has helped inspire other women as well and showcased the fact that if you are willing to work hard with perseverance and determination, achieving anything that you set your mind to is not impossible. Susan McGalla says that while growing up, she was treated same as her brothers at home, which made her outlook towards gender equality very fair from the very beginning. Susan McGalla says that she never expected any preferential treatment for being a woman and that neither should anyone else.

Susan McGalla has also worked with several other firms in the past, including Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters. At both these companies, Susan McGalla worked at top positions as CEO and President respectively and helped the organizations in achieving their business goals. The unique business and marketing strategies applied by Susan McGalla supported the companies’ revenue shoot up considerably and also helped Susan McGalla to become a famous corporate executive. After leaving these companies, Susan McGalla started her consulting firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting, which went on to become one of the top consulting and business advisory firms in the country.

Susan McGalla says that women who are looking to make it big in their career must give priority to completing their education and building their resume. Once that is done, Susan says that it is critical to work in their companies dedicatedly and ensure their performance is at par with men. Susan McGalla says that passionate and invested workers are always noticed, and believes the women who are heavily invested in their work would be seen as well. Susan said that the corporations these days must focus on mentoring and sponsorship opportunities as it can help the women in the companies get the guidance they need to achieve their professional goals. Susan McGalla says that providing mentors with an incentive is the first step to helping mentors stay motivated to mentor the women employees who are good at their job. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

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