The Breathtaking Investor; George Soros

George Soros, a famous investor, is also a committed philanthropist whose lifetime donations sum up to $ 12 billion. Gorge Soros funds many people worldwide fighting for freedom of expression, transparency and even supports societies and government that promote equality and justice. George Soros grew in Hungary, and his childhood was not that smooth. He was affected by a massacre that left 50,000 Hungarian Jews dead. His family managed to survive through escaping and helped others escape.

When tension cooled, Soros migrated to London in 1947 for studies at the London School of Economics. He worked part-time as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter to support his studies. After his studies, George moved to the United States in 1956. He hoped to have a notable presence in the finance and investments globe. In 1970, George Soros launched his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, after a series of hard work, sacrifice and persistence.

His fortune had grown thus he used it to create the Open Society Foundations, a network of projects, partners, and foundations. The organization connects many organizations from over 100 countries. George Soros runs Open Society Foundation applying the philosophy of Karl Popper which he encountered at the London School of Economics. Karl Popper has argued the philosophy in his book “Open Society and Its Enemies” stating that no ideology or philosophy determines the arbiter of truth.

Karl insists that a society can only grow if it appreciates democracy, freedom of expression and respects each other’s rights. All the values stated at this philosophy are followed to the latter at Open Society Foundation. Moreover, Karl Popper book title also triggered the name of George’s foundation.

In 1979, George officially began philanthropy supporting many organizations. He offered scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. Moreover, after the fall of Berlin Wall, George Soros created the Central European University which benefited many people. Since then George extended his humanitarian acts globally helping different people.

Politics is also another field that George has made a notable presence. He supports organizations that support democratic reforms including immigration, criminal justice, and democratic governance. According to an article on, George Soros through Open Society Foundation has contributed more than $ 15 billion to those organizations. Moreover, he also supports protestors who want to air their voices for their needs to be hard. He has been directly and indirectly in the political field for over 20years.

His breaking point in politics was when he was fighting against anti-Semitism, and he still funds organizations fighting discrimination against Jews. Other than the Finance and Investment degree, George holds a Masters in Philosophy. He is passionate about helping people live happily in a comfortable society because he believes everyone is essential.

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