The Perks of Magnises

Magnises is an exclusive club that provides members to benefits and offers like complimentary room upgrades, the best seating for sports events, getting access to the world’s best clubs, or even tickets for sold out concerts. But that is only four examples. There are many situations in which Magnises will ensure that you are treated like a VIP wherever you go whether it be local or while traveling. You will gain access to a ton of exclusive restaurants, bars, clubs, private concerts, and even luxurious getaways. This will be the case if the desired establishment on is a Magnises partner and accepts the card.

Magnises’ signature black card will enable card-holders to take their local, national, and international trips up a few notches. When you receive these black cards, one of the things you will do to get it going is to link it you’re your credit or debit card. Members are not obligated to partake of any particular thing. The card will cater to each individual card-holders tastes and preferences. Just know that just about every conceivable exclusive entertainment is open to you and will give you VIP status anywhere in the world.

The club’s concierge app, Concierge Magnises, can and will help you with the best suggestions for wherever you happen to be in the world. The app will also answer questions a member might have about their membership. To begin the process of becoming a member of this very exclusive club, go to the Magnises website. Indicate the “Join Now” button and then complete and submit an application. The Magnises management will respond at a later date to let you know whether or not you have been accepted.

After acceptance, the yearly fee is $257.55. Some of the more popular New York-based entertainment/vacation-related features include ClubPass, which gives members a guaranteed $65 admittance fee to the most exclusive New York Clubs on Crunchbase and and HotelPass which allows members to stay at the best New York The Dream Hotels for $79 per night where it will usually cost at least $245 per night. for a But entertainment is not the only area of it perks. There are also optional professional perks. To this end there is also an added benefit that members can choose to purchase.

Members can opt to pay $99 a month members can use the co-working office space at Alley, Magnises’ New York-based corporate offices where it will usually cost you $500 a month for desk. All are welcome to apply to join the club. Since its beginning it has primarily been made up of professionals ranging from 21 to 35. There has been a fairly recent surge of Millenials joining.

But the club has become popular with a vast range of many, many people applying to join. The membership that has been accepted into the club numbers more than 12,000 people. Magnises has been going since 2014 when it was founded by Billy McFarland.

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