The Philosophy Behind Rocketship Education has Enabled the Program to Provide Brighter Futures for its Students

As an educational program, Rocketship Education is not only thought of as being innovative, but also as pioneering the way for other advanced learning systems. On reflecting on what they had accomplished over the past ten years, the people behind Rocketship saw where they had room for improvement as well as where they succeeded in achieving their goals. Early on, they realized the importance of combining home and school to create a more well-rounded educational foundation. After making a difference in the lives of children from low-income backgrounds they also realized they needed to encourage parents to make their voices heard within the community. It is only when the parents get actively involved in the educational process that change within the community will come about.

Rocketship Education was founded on the belief that every child could succeed. This belief was specifically aimed at the educations received by students who came from low-income families. In order to better prepare these students for a successful future, the team behind Rocketship created a program that delivered the type of limitless possibility they wanted students to have. The charter schools in the Rocketship network stand on what is referred to as their three towers of transformation. These include personalized learning, the development of talent and the power of parents. After a decade of servicing students from low-income backgrounds the evidence for success is clearly visible.

No where can the improvement in the education received by children of low-income families be seen better than in the San Jose area. This region was once referred to as the launching pad for what people deemed to be the American Dream. The ability for children from low-income families to succeed after graduation significantly declined over the past few decades. The implementation of Rocketship Education charter schools in this area, saw a reverse of this decline. Reflecting on the change this community has seen, one educator commented on the success ratio the initial first graders in the program have had in graduating from high school and attending four-year colleges. The specialized approach to education taken by Rocketship has given these children new hope for brighter tomorrows.

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