Todd Lubars Sees A Bright Future In Smart Home Technologies

Todd Lubar has spent his career working in the real estate and financial sector. And when Mr. Lubars sees a trend coming then it is worth noting. The latest trend to come onto Mr. Lubar’s radar has to do with smart home technologies.

For the uninitiated, smart home technologies allow for the regulation of many devices around the home from climate control to home security. Large tech companies like Alphabet – parent company of Google – Solar City and Apple have made large investments in the smart home technology sector. At the center of smart home technologies are what is known as “the internet of things” – home-based devices which can access the web. The base of these smart home operations is the home owner’s desktop or the mobile device. From there, the homeowner can access and control all devices which regulate the home. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Todd Lubar has predicted that smart home technologies will trickle down from the high-end real estate market to just about every residence in America and eventually, around the world. Mr. Lubars also envisions that new homes will be built with many smart home technologies already in place. And that, within 30 years, smart home technologies will become as commonplace as computers and mobile phones. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Mr. Lubar has spent his career as a real estate entrepreneur as well as an executive in the mortgage and investment world. As the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments, Mr. Lubars has extensive experience in various fields associated with finance. Prior to that, Mr. Lubars helped the Maryland Legacy Financial office grow to over one hundred million dollars a year in loan volume. Todd Lubar holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.

Smart home technologies are the future of every home around the world. And Todd Lubars believes there are many opportunities to capitalize on this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

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