Using Painful Experiences to Create Impactful Solutions

Most people do not look at their painful experiences as a chance to create a viable solution to the given problem. The problems we face in life should be our motivation to develop solutions.

This will create an all-inclusive society because people will work towards developing the right solutions to various challenges in the society. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used their painful experience to create a solution for the refugees in Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin discovered the death of two journalists who were killed for exposing the issues that the refugees faced. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin carried on with this commitment using a different approach. They created a fund to enable refugees to have a better life and meet their needs with ease.

It is important to note that the Lacey & Larkin Fund has enabled the development of the refugees in Arizona. The fund enables the refugees to face life in a dignified manner. This is because of the nature of migration that the immigrants experience.

The immigrants migrate from their countries of origin due to forced circumstances. The migration is usually unplanned. Refugees are exposed to various inhuman circumstances. Their hosts do not have policies that protect them. Available policies are those that protect the citizens from the refugees.

Various institutions have been created to enable the immigrants to have a smooth life when migrating into the new countries. Some of the institutions assist people to get documents of citizenship.

There are some that provide legal aid for people to access different services while in the new countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:

Some institutions fund the organizations indirectly and the refugees directly. Many refugees need the assistance of such institutions. Some bodies are dedicated to a group of people who are more vulnerable including women and children.

The different companies have impacted the lives of refugees positively. These companies have ensured that the refugees are able to access various basic needs and the services they need while in the new countries.

The Lacey & Larkin Fund has dedicated some of its resources to research. The fund studies the extent to which various policies support the refugees. It creates some of the protective measures for the various companies that support the refugees in diverse capacities.

The company researches on the different roles that the journalists can play to create a funding space for the refugees. This is achieved through awareness and sharing the various stories of the refugees. This enables the development of the policies that facilitate the improvement of the lives of refugees.

It is important to note that the fund has successfully changed the lives of refugees over the years. It has supported companies that work very hard to improve the lives of immigrants.

Companies should ensure that they protect other enterprises that are working towards a similar vision. This is because the companies depend on one another for their development. It will create a conducive working environment in the industry.

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